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Presently there is a great rush for a seat in the women hostel. There is 350 girls have been accommodated in the hostel which provides all modern amenities. With 24 hours electricity supply

Residential Complex

One Principal residence and 13 staff residences with one guest house have been constructed under world bank assisted Project


The laboratories of the institute are most modern and fully equipped with the aid of world bank assistance to make the training more relevant, useful and effective. At present the following laboratories are fully functional.

1.                   Pharmaceutical Chemistry

2.                   Pharmacognosy

3.                   Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology

4.                   Physiology and Clinical Pathology

5.                   Pharmaceutics

6.                   Physics

7.                   Electronics Workshop

8.                   Analog & and Consumer Electronics Lab

9.                   Digital ELX and Microprocessor Lab

10.                Communication Engg. Lab

11.                Computer H/W Lab

12.                Computer Centre

13.                Computer Networking Lab

14.                B.E.E. and Machine  Lab


The Workshop/Shops are equipped with modern machinery and provide all facilities to the students. These are listed below:-

1.       Library Science Workshop

2.       Typewriters Workshop

3.       Basic Workshop


The Library is well-classified, catalogued and well-stocked having100 students seating capacity with about 9 thousand volumes. 10 journals/magazines are regularly subscribed to supplement the knowledge of the students.